And more beach time

Our days are basically the same, go get breakfast, go to the beach, hang out in the room, try to get one more afternoon outing of some kind, and then go to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

Peri tells me 100 times each day that she is sad and wants to go home. Makena tells me she wants to stay here with me while I stay with Miles and not go back to school, and Aisea just goes with whatever (as best as Aisea really goes along with anything).

Miles is now 2 months old, he is a big boy and doing so well. He sleeps great and eats great.

Danny and the kids leave on Friday so they are down to their last week here. We were stormed out all day yesterday and the storm is back today so who knows if we’ll get out at all. I am in the lobby now with Aisea and Peri with a new toy to help them stay entertained and out of the room while baby sleeps.

I found out an expat mom is coming on Friday (the same day Danny and the kids leave) to adopt a baby girl. I’m excited to meet her and have some company while she is here.

And that’s about it. Our visa is in Manila already but I’m not sure if it has been delivered to the US Embassy there yet or not. Once it is delivered it will be processed and sent back. When it is sent back I’ll get new tracking info for it and will be able to plan my leave. The Embassy here told me it should be a week or two total and the coordinators thought it would be three weeks, so we’ll see 🙂 Fingers crossed it is quick!