Life in the hotel

Living in the hotel is a bit rough with the kids. Peri tells us how much she misses home and it is hard to keep them under control for the time we are here. We do get to go outside quite a bit which is awesome but the weather hasn’t been very cooperative the last few days so the cabin fever is really setting in.

We watch movies, play games, color, and race through the hallway to try to pass the time. The kids are still doing great with baby Miles. They love to be big helpers and hold him and love on him. The kids are down to their last 3 days here so we are hoping for some blue skies!

And last night we looked out our balcony to see the storm and saw a huge sea turtle swimming in the pool. We all went down to check it out and I asked one of the groundskeepers about it and he said it belonged to one of the managers but they weren’t sure what he was doing with it. It was still there this morning and the kids got to get up close to it and check him out.