Peri is 3!

Peri turned 3 yesterday and we had such a fun time celebrating her birthday!

She picked McDonalds for breakfast so she could play at the play place. Then we came home and she opened her presents. She has been talking about getting her own ukulele for months and was really excited to open her new pink ukulele.

She also wanted to go the library so we did that while Miles was home napping with Baba and then we went to the store and she picked out her cake. She has been saying she wants a pink and purple cake and we found the cake mix and purple frosting to make that happen. She helped me make the cake and had fun putting on the frosting and sprinkles.

Her last pick for her birthday was going to Get Air, the indoor trampoline park. She loves that place and a birthday is the perfect reason for going. All the kids had fun and wore themselves out. We came home and she picked Mac and Cheese for dinner and I also made ribs to go with it. A bit of a boring description of the day but we had so much fun celebrating Peri!